What To Look For In A Scaffolding Company

If you’re interested in undertaking your own construction project and require some scaffolding to assist you, there’s a surprising number of factors you should consider before deciding which scaffolding hire company is best suited to your needs. While there are many scaffolding hire companies to choose from with similar services and equipment, there are often big differences in costs and quality, so it’s imperative that you perform adequate research to ensure your project runs safely, on-time, and on budget. To assist you in making the right decision regarding your scaffolding hire choice, we’ve put together a useful guide to assist you in choosing a scaffolding contractor that provides cost-effective, safe, and legal scaffolding hire solutions.




When it comes to construction and scaffolding use, safety is naturally of utmost importance. There are many regulations surrounding the construction of buildings and working at heights, especially if your project involves an unusual design. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about a scaffolding company’s accreditation as this is extremely important for the safety of you and those around you. Generally, basic structures don’t require special permits, however taller and larger projects will require a comprehensive risk assessment before any work can begin.




Another obvious but very important factor when it comes to scaffolding hire companies is insurance. By law, every company in Australia that hires employees must have employers’ liability insurance. Considering that you are responsible for hiring scaffolding, it is your responsibility that the scaffolding company you choose has the appropriate insurance, including public liability insurance. This will ensure that if any damage happens to people or property as a result of scaffold use, there is insurance to cover these damages. If you find that a scaffolding company is reluctant in providing you with evidence of their relevant insurance policies, just walk away!




Experience is crucial in the scaffolding industry. While basic scaffolding is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble, there are many outside variables that must be considered such as uneven surfaces and obstructed access. In addition to this, more sophisticated scaffolding requires experienced workmanship to ensure the project can be performed safely and professionally. Needless to say, experience plays an influential role in the degree of safety you’ll receive while undertaking your project, so speak to the staff about similar jobs they’ve performed and what risk factors need to be taken into consideration.




Since the scaffolding industry has become extremely regulated due to the high degree of risk involved, only fully trained and qualified staff can erect, modify, and dismantle scaffolding. Every scaffolding company in Australia must be registered and licenced with the appropriate bodies, and all staff must be adequately trained according to industry standards. Before you decide on any scaffolding company, it’s imperative that you check that they have adequate credentials.




If you’ve ever hired scaffolding before, you’ll know that prices can fluctuate significantly between companies. It’s always a good idea to do some research by getting quotes from different companies, however keep in mind that safety should never compromised. Having said that, it’s important that the quotes you receive is inclusive of all the equipment you’ll need to complete your project. For example, are ladders included? How much extra will you pay if the project runs longer than expected? Are there any cost savings for early completions? And lastly, will the scaffolding company charge you extra for inspections and paperwork? These are some important considerations that you need to be aware of when selecting a scaffolding hire company for your needs.


There are many risks involved with scaffolding and construction, so it’s paramount that you select a scaffolding hire company that is fully insured, appropriately trained and licenced, and has plenty of experience in the type of project you’re undertaking. All of these factors will reduce the risk of any accidents or injuries, ensuring that you and those around you are safe while completing your project. One of the most credible and experienced scaffolding companies in Australia is Uni-Span, so if you’re looking for a safe place to start, get in contact with them by phoning 1300 882 825, or visit their website for more information: https://uni-span.com.au/