What are the Advantages of Using Mobile Scaffolding?

What are the Advantages of Using Mobile Scaffolding?

There are many types of scaffolding used today in the construction industry. From single pole scaffold, to birdcage scaffold and cantilever scaffold, each type of scaffolding has its advantages and is therefore used for different purposes. The primary purpose of using scaffolding is to assist workers and materials in building structures, although scaffolding is also widely used in other professions such as repairs and maintenance, window washers, and events and entertainment. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to scaffolding, and Australia has implemented strict policies and procedures relating to inspections and maintenance to ensure workers are always as safe as possible.


Today we’re going to explore mobile scaffolding which is one of the most unique types of scaffolding used in present times. While it’s not that common to find on large construction sites, mobile scaffolding serves a distinct purpose particularly for tradies and DIY renovations and repairs. So, if you’re about to embark on a construction or repair project in or around your house, then read on to find out exactly what mobile scaffolding is, how it functions, and what advantages this type of scaffolding offers.


What is mobile scaffolding?

Mobile scaffolding is essentially temporary support platforms that is based on wheels or casters and is used for a multitude of purposes. Commonly used for construction tasks where workers need to change their position frequently, these movable structures are perfect for jobs like plastering or painting. Mobile scaffolding is not only very safe, but also cost-effective, efficient and portable. Let’s take a closer look at the many advantages that mobile scaffolding offers.


Advantages of mobile scaffolding


  1. Portable

One of the best advantages of mobile scaffolding is that these movable structures are very portable. The wheels or casters on which the platforms are based can be easily moved from one place to another with a simple push or pull. If you’re painting the interior of your house and want to free up some space at the end of the day, simply move the scaffolding to a convenient spot and dismantle it, which takes very little time and effort.


  1. Safe & Convenient

When compared with more traditional scaffolding such as fixed single pole, mobile scaffolding is far safer and more convenient for workers. The temporary support platforms are guarded with railings at the top of the structure which significantly reduces the chances of workers falling from the platforms. Additionally, the platforms can be conveniently raised or lowered with little effort, making it a viable option for many tradies and DIY projects alike.


  1. Spacious

Another fantastic advantage of using mobile scaffolding over more traditional scaffolding is that there is plenty of room to move. Workers can complete their jobs knowing that they can work freely on mobile scaffolding and aren’t confined to a small space. Not only does this provide a safer option for workers, but there is more space to keep tools and materials on the platform, allowing for a more efficient and effective working environment.


  1. Lightweight & Productive

Mobile scaffolding is generally manufactured from aluminium, which offers a lightweight yet sturdy structure for workers to complete their job. As a result, this type of scaffolding is very easy to use and move from one place to another which lowers the risks of any accidents or injuries. Since work can be carried out in a safer and more spacious environment, workers generally find that mobile scaffolding allows them to be more productive, making this type of scaffolding a very cost-effective option.



Mobile scaffolding is a versatile option for workers that offers many advantages over other types of scaffolding. Mobile scaffolding is quick and safe to assemble and dismantle, and provides workers with a safer, more convenient, and more productive working environment to complete their projects. If you’re interested in purchasing or hiring mobile scaffolding for your next project, get in touch with our friendly team at Uni-Span by phoning 1300 882 825.