Feature project: TSRC

Feature project: TSRC

The $1.6 billion Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is a 41km heavy vehicle route designed to increase freight efficiency and significantly improve driver safety and community amenity by removing heavy vehicles from Toowoomba’s CBD.

When finished, the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing will connect the Warrego Highway at Helidon Spa in the east to the Gore Highway at Athol in the west via Charlton.


Inverted SMK Bracket with Enkoform Soffit Tables

RKS Climbing Formwork – Jump form & Enkoform Shutters

Stretcher Stair Access Scaffold


The project will create a safer, faster and more efficient route for connecting freight to major ports and markets.


The TSRC project is making smooth and constant progress at the main viaduct (Bridge 9) with the help of Uni-span’s RKS – Rail Climbing Systems and SMK Single Sided System that has been adapted and inverted to support the typical headstocks. 6 sets of Uni-span’s RKS Climbing systems are being used to form the Pier, reaching heights of just over 40m. 3 sets of inverted SMK systems are being used to form and support the 1000kN typical headstocks, with over 6m cantilever from the pier face. Meeting the new Formwork Code of Practice Uni-span’s Stretcher Stair Towers, provided at each pier and headstock, ensure safe and reliable evacuations to all personnel. 


A closer look at the Stretcher Stair Access on Piers 1 to 20, providing access to jump platforms.

Abutment B, looking east onto Piers 20 through to 16, with maximum heights of just over 40 metres.

Looking east, Piers 18 to 12 with SMK frames inverted to support headstocks.

The versatile MK system has been used to form large access platforms (2.6m wide) around the headstock, so that works can continue safely and efficiently underneath the Super Ts.

Looking west onto Piers 19-15, with completed Piers 18 & 19, awaiting headstock access platforms and 15-17, showing the inverted SMK system.

At peak intervals, since May 2017, Uni-span has supplied up to 20 scaffolders, providing labour support to the TSRC project. In August, our site supervisor, Shayne Heir received a Safety Recognition Award from Nexus for demonstrating High Safety Standards on site.

With every passing stage, this structure becomes more and more impressive.


To learn more about the MK System, it’s versatility and the engineered solutions possible to suit your project requirements, contact the team on 1300 882 825 or email enquiries@uni-span.com.au.