Creating Modern Homes With Concrete – Benefits of Using Concrete

Creating Modern Homes With Concrete – Benefits of Using Concrete

If you’re thinking of building a brand new home, chances are you are flooded with questions; What should the kitchen look like? What windows should we utilise? How many bedrooms will we need?

But, what about what material the house will be built with? While the more conventional options include materials such as brick, many new homeowners are looking for new and innovating ways to build their dream home. Different materials for a new home can make a home look completely unique and interesting, as well as offer some other benefits not otherwise thought of.

One such material that some new homes are being created with is concrete. Concrete homes are a modern take on the traditional home and can provide you with endless styles. But, it’s not just about looks. Concrete homes have many benefits that may help you to decide on using this particular material.

Efficient Resources

By using concrete to build a new home, you’re essentially using resources that are abundant and easy to source. The main raw material for the cement in concrete is limestone, which is easily one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. You would be using materials that are easy to find and source and therefore choosing a sustainable material.

A Durable Home

Using concrete to build your home will make the home extremely durable. Concrete buildings are long-lasting, hard-wearing and will not rot, rust or burn. In fact, if you own a concrete home it is likely to last two to three times longer than conventional buildings.

Cheaper Heating/Cooling Bills

Concrete has the ability to absorb and retain heat a lot better and easier than other building materials. This means that you can essentially see a big reduction in your heating and cooling bills thanks to the concretes inherent thermal mass abilities. The more you utilise concrete, the wider the benefits. Homes that have foundations, walls and floors all made of concrete are likely to maximise the the benefits as opposed to a home only partially using concrete. Added to this the usage of lighter coloured concrete, which can reflect more solar radiation, making the home cooler in Summer.