Help build Australia. Make a change.

Construct your future. 

Inspiration and challenges are just part of our daily routine. As a leader in the industry, Uni-span is involved in major construction projects, shaping the way in which the country’s national roads, tunnels, mines, dams, high rises and industrial plants are constructed and operated.

Right person. Right job.

We hire individuals that demonstrate passion, ambition and intelligence and have the knowledge, experience and qualifications required in order to meet the expectations of that position. We provide every individual or team the necessary resources to ensure the end result is one that will not only attract more business, but also recognise the skills, efforts and determination of that individual in their path to success and growth within the company.

Dynamic. Driven. Successful.

The diverse nature of our products makes every construction challenge a team task of engineering solutions. Our business is about providing just this. It’s not only our in-house engineering or design team that creates this solution. Every member of our team, from admin to operations, has an important role to play in generating that perfect result. Wouldn’t you want to be part of this dynamic and driven team that has an extremely healthy appetite for success?

Built on human spirit.

We do things differently. In life and society, we are all responsible to help make a change in the life of those in need. Life is busy and we don’t always get that chance. Uni-span recognizes this. Uni-span Can is an initiative that  provides a day to go and help change a life. Our initiative supports a group of charities that reaches out to difference types of individuals and needs. Uni-span grants every employee one workday per year to volunteer their time to best help one of the charities. At Uni-span we get to change lives by offering a day’s time that would normally be spent working. The bright, bold and heartfelt human spirit within our organisation filters from executive level, throughout the entire group. We want to change the way people think, by offering the help we can, in the way we can. Uni-span Can, changing minds, changing lives.

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