Bruce Highway Upgrade: Vantassel to Cluden

Bruce Highway Upgrade: Vantassel to Cluden

Having commenced in late 2013, this 18-month project will duplicate a seven kilometre section of the Bruce Highway between Vantassel Street and Stuart Drive, Cluden. Not only will this improve safety and flood immunity, but will significantly increase capacity and efficiency on this section of the Bruce Highway to cater for continued traffic growth and development in the Townsville region.


Uni-span provided an efficient solution in supporting this major upgrade. Over 500sqm of the ORMA vertical formwork system was supplied. Another two impressive systems providing the falsework support are the Aluprop and VM Beam systems.

The ORMA 80kN Modular Formwork suits any type of vertical structure (i.e. walls, columns, piers, abutments, foundations etc.) in infrastructure and civil engineering.  ORMA 80kN contributes effectively to minimise labour costs and assembly times, increasing performance considerably. This system is designed to withstand high concrete pressures.


The Aluprop (Aluminium prop) has been designed as a horizontal  formwork support system. It is light weight and has a high load capacity. The maximum height of a single prop without bracing is 6 metres. A 1 metre supplement can be connected to reach 7 metres.  Aluprops can also be connected one on top of the other. An Aluprop clamp provides this connection.


VM-Timber Beams are used in both horizontal and vertical formwork structures. They come in varying lengths to accommodate the most suitable application and weigh just 4.7kgs/m.


Uni-span Townsville supplied scaffolding to the access points of this formwork solution. Our products and systems will assist Lend Lease in their scope to deliver the following key features of this upgrade project:

  • Duplication of the Bruce Highway to four lanes from Vantassel to Stuart Drive.
  • Construction of a new signalised intersection at Hunter Street.
  • Construction of two new, two-lane bridges over Stuart Creek.
  • Improved drainage and flood mitigation works throughout the project.
  • Construction of the Abbott Street interchange, including highway on and off ramps and new access to Jurekey Street.
  • Construction of a four-lane road overpass over the rail line at Cluden.
  • Construction of the split signalised intersections at Lakeside Drive & Stuart Drive.
  • Improved access to the racecourse and the Fairfield shopping precinct.