Barge Wharf Crane Pad

Barge Wharf Crane Pad

Uni-span were consulted to provide a solution to assist with the building of the complex Barge Wharf Crane Pad. This section had a $50 million construction budget and was a temporary structure to allow materials to be off loaded during the construction of the permanent jetty for the WICET (Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal) coal handling facility.


Uni-span provided falsework support, suspended over water, where a 4m tide would constantly submerge the equipment.

Specially designed and fabricated brackets were welded to the steel circular piles that allowed for a position to transfer the loads with the use of 100kN wedge jacks. This provided the support point for Uni-span to construct the falsework.


Both Uni-span’s MK Shoring and ORMA systems provided the solution to this temporary structure, which will be demolished once the permanent jetty for the WICET coal handling facility is complete and in full operation.