Airport Link

Airport Link

The Thiess John Holland Joint Venture delivered Airport Link for the Queensland Government-appointed BrisConnections over a four-year period. The scope included design, construction and commissioning of the project’s three integrated

  1. Airport Link – a 6.7-kilometre toll road, primarily underground with twin tunnels, including three major interchanges
  2. Northern Busway (Windsor to Kedron) – a three-kilometre busway with two stations
  3. Airport Roundabout Upgrade – a divided carriageway motorway including a 750-metre flyover travelling over a high capacity ‘fast diamond’ intersection.

The scope called on a broad range of disciplines including building, tunnelling, bridges and roads. Spanning five community precincts with 31,000 homes and businesses on the project corridor, expert stakeholder and community relations was also vital to project delivery.


SMK is a single-sided truss system where trusses assembled of MK Walers up to a height of 10.5 m hold the formwork.

This project required two types of single sided shutter solutions. The first was supplied at the Smoke Damper to form niches and 7.5m high inclined straight walls. 30m pouring lengths divided this structure. The second solution was in the form of a 6m high-curved wall that included a corbel form at the top of the shutter. This was located on both the Eastbound and Westbound sections. The same solution was also used to construct the transition walls on the Northbound and Southbound sections, with pouring segments between 10 and 16 metres in length.


Airport Link has reduced traffic congestion for Brisbane’s north side motorists, saving up to 20 minutes travel time in peak hour and reducing travel times up to 88 per cent for individual trips. Servicing more than 60 per cent of the Brisbane population, the project is making local road networks safer and quieter with better environmental outcomes.