Unique Uni-span

Unique Uni-span

BizSync ™

Taking into account Uni-span’s entire logistics process, incorporating every step in this typically manual process and linking it to our inventory management system, BizSync is an online order-entry/management system, with a buddying iPhone/iPad application. Its primary function is Order Management, Customer management and controlling the business workflow from initial order request, through to delivery & transport scheduling, and finalisation. Another innovation from Uni-span.

Added Benefits Experienced

  •       Individuals onsite are able to place orders directly to Dispatch for action
  •       Complete overview of all associated works
  •       Inbuilt roles and integrated workflow for all employee positions within a company
  •       Role-specific notifications
  •       Custom form builder
  •       Interactive Dashboard
  •       File Repository
  •       Universal search function
  •       Complete compatibility with existing inventory systems

Experience in the industry


Uni-Span recently began work on a major industrial scaffolding project in Dalby.  BizSync is currently being used by site employees to remotely capture documentation relating to handovers, inspections and day labour dockets. The ability for administration staff to receive this documentation in due time and in the correct format is vital. BizSync provides for this. Due to the remoteness of the area, BizSync had to overcome a number of connectivity issues in order to make the process a success.  A site visit was conducted in the first week of June to ensure all practices were running smoothly and to receive feedback from users to further stregthen the BizSync application.


Uni-Span’s formwork division has begun utilising BizSync within their day to day operations.  Incoming and outgoing consignments are now being captured and recorded through the use of warehouse iPads, increasing transparency and promoting accountability throughout the division.  Furthermore, to coincide with Uni-Span’s stringent quality assurance requirements, non-conformance reports and damage registers are also being conducted electronically.


BizSync was a finalist in the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards.

BizForms ™

Project Overview

BizForms is a dual application consisting of both a web based interface and a native iOS application for the iPhone and iPad. This application caters for any business, any size and in any industry. BizForms provides leverage to companies wanting to create a more efficient, sustainable and personable work environment. By electronically converting and phasing out a once manual paper-based system into a system that redeploys an employee’s time in a far more efficient way.

Project Brief

BizForms was developed around an ideology emphasising flexibility and functionality, whilst revolving around the key element of the product’s success – SIMPLICITY! This application is a new age work essential, a portable virtual office, accessible from your smart device, anywhere in the world. Easily manage day-to-day tasks for you and your customer.

Some Features:

  • Form templates from the BizForms Library
  • Build & deploy your own forms using the Form Builder or edit an existing template
  • Works Offline – Create & queue multiple forms to submit when you have connectivity
  • Mandatory Fields – No more incomplete documentation
  • Smart Tables – Increases the amount of information which can be displayed on a form
  • Auto Calculation Fields – Man hours, invoicing, service rates, measurements, square & lineal metres, weights, currencies etc.
  • Exportable Data – Can be exported into back-end systems or Excel spreadsheets for smaller companies or single users
  • Signatures – Capture as many signatories as required
  • Photos – Attach as many photos to a form as required from your device or camera – Include time stamps, annotations, measurements & text
  • Acknowledgements & Disclaimers – Declaration by users to ensure a specific clause has been acknowledged
  • Generate User Reports – Attach vital documentation, accreditation, images
  • KPI Reporting

Project Need

Access to documentation in any business is vital. Businesses are becoming geographically dispersed as they expand their operations, making the need to be connected electronically more evident than ever before. Through advancements in technology and cloud computing, the environment of the ‘traditional office’ is now changing. Mobility is no longer an option for business, but a requirement for existence and continued growth. BizForms had to connect employees to employers, B2B and B2C. As a result, roles were established within the application covering all areas of an organisation. Accomplishing such a task was imperative for promoting flexibility, accountability and transparency within our continually evolving workspaces.

For more information or further queries, please contact:

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