Uni-span’s very own Formwork Conduit & Cones

Uni-span’s very own Formwork Conduit & Cones

To further enhance our basket of products and services, Uni-span has recently had formwork conduit and cones designed and manufactured.

Both our formwork conduit, also known as tube spacer, and cones are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Formwork cones are fitted to the end of the conduit/tube spacer against the formwork. This forms a neat recess for grouting and patching after stripping off formwork. These cones are simply pushed into/onto the conduit/tube spacer and are used to provide accurate clearance for formwork tie systems, suitable for 15mm or 20mm tie bars/z-bars.


Uni-span formwork cones are clearly identifiable by size and colour. Our cones are yellow and marked with our company name. We also supply unbranded alternate size cones, identifiable by their colours, red and grey.

Uni-span supply the following Cone and Conduit/Tube Spacer sizes:




15mm x 38mm PVC Uni-span cone – YELLOW (100/bag) – 1.00kg per bag

15mm x 10mm PVC cone – GREY (100/bag) – 0.50kg per bag

20mm x 14mm PVC cone – RED (100/bag) – 0.80kg per bag



15mm PVC Tube Spacer/Formwork Conduit – length 4.0m (25/pk) – 22.00kg/pk

20mm PVC Tube Spacer/Formwork Conduit – length 3.0m (25/pk) – 16.53kg/pk


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