Three formwork systems, one site.

Three formwork systems, one site.

Located next to the Go Between Bridge in South Brisbane, on completion, Spice Apartments will consist of five levels of car park – two below ground and three above ground with the ground level incorporating commercial tenancies. Two towers will emanate from the fourth level – both 15-storeys – consisting of 396 units. Each tower will have its own pool and communal areas on the rooftop.

This $104.75 million project is currently using the following three Uni-span formwork systems:

  1. KSPan internal shaft platform used in lift and staircase shafts, hollow piers and other gaps necessary to support formwork panels
  2. RKSRail Climbing System, enables panel climbing without separating the structure form the wall, allowing safe lifting operations under adverse weather conditions. This system is craneable or can be moved by hydraulics.
  3. CC-4 Ply – a recoverable horizontal formwork system for both solid and lightened slabs, resulting in a superior concrete finish. This system allows for quick erection and dismantling times due to its aluminium structure and because it is a fast striking system. This ensures the highest safety standards for formwork assemblers.

CC-4 PLY System

1.  Designed for slabs adaptable to any kind of geometry and high demands on finishing quality required.

2.  The system consists of Dropheads CCT, Beams CC, Transversals CC TR and plywood.

3.  Plywood is laid to create the shuttering face.

4.  Highly versatile system.

Spice Apartments, South Brisbane – a clear view of all 3 formwork systems on site
CC-4 Ply
Left tower – KSP & RKS
Right tower - KSP & RKS
Right tower – KSP & RKS

Uni-span Formwork Solutions were chosen for this project due to the versatility and speed of construction utilising the various Ulma formwork systems. Uni-Span supplied the CC4-Ply system for the suspended slab forming works and the RKS/KSP systems have been supplied for the core wall construction.

The ongoing technical support, drafting and engineering services along with quick resolution to any on-site issues has allowed for safe, efficient and cost effective construction solutions.

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If you would like to enquire about these formwork systems, please contact Darren Isackson on 0409 497 157 or email