Supreme Demolition

Supreme Demolition

Iconic building leaves Brisbane

Over 600 tonnes of Quickstage scaffolding has been supplied to the Supreme Courts demolition project, situated in the heart of Brisbane. At peak, a team of 16 on-site scaffolders have taken on the challenges of this 12 week scaffold project.

The biggest project challenge was to deliver, erect & handover 600 tonnes of perimeter scaffold within a 3 week program. Coordination of logistics was crucial as the Brisbane CBD location and accessibility of the site by semi moffat trucks had to be considered in advance.

A collaborative engagement yielding solutions for our client, P&K Demolition, ensured Uni-span was able to overcome the most significant project challenge with half a week to spare. All 600 tonnes of scaffold was delivered and erected within a 2.5 week time frame.

To find out how Uni-span got this remarkably challenging project done, contact Vaughan Bibby on:

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There was a specific order in which the perimeter scaffold was erected:

1.       North Quay
2.       Adelaide St
3.       East wing of George St
4.       West wing of George St
5.       Ann St

Adding to the above challenge was managing the progressive removal of scaffold ties for the removal of precast panels. In order to ensure this challenge was managed well and overcome, the labour team had to progressively install Stage 1 ties into precast panels and then progressively remove these as per our engineers advice and approved Safe Work Method Statement. This enabled our client, P&K Demolition, to progressively remove precast panels in a vertical operation from Level 6 down to Level 2 in this work area only. As soon as the precast panels were removed (Level 6 to Level 2) to each specific work area, scaffolders were on standby to ensure wall ties were reinstated into exposed concrete slabs as Stage 2 ties. Steps 1, 2 & 3 were repeated until all Stage 1 ties had been progressively removed & reinstated as Stage 2 ties (2 scaffold bays at a time).

Once the above progressive removal of ties had been completed, scaffolders could then install & secure chain wire mesh to the inside standard to allow demolition of the building to commence.

A time lapse video has been set up to capture the works of this iconic project. On completion of the demolition works, we will be sending the link to this video in an upcoming newsletter – so continue to WATCH THIS SPACE!