Solutions for shafts and perimeters

Solutions for shafts and perimeters

Uni-span Formwork Solutions has a solution for all shaft types and perimeters. Our product range of Climbing Systems covers internal cores (i.e. lift and stair cores), external cores and perimeter protection offering working platforms at the slabs edge, with the ability to climb the building by crane or hydraulics over 5 floors.

Internal & external cores

KSP is an internal shaft platform used in lift and staircase shafts, hollow piers and other gaps necessary to support formwork panels.


RKS, also known as the Rail Climbing System, enables panel climbing without separating the structure from the wall, allowing safe lifting operations under adverse weather conditions.

Both Uni-span’s RKS (external – craneable) and KSP (internal) systems are being used on this project. Our customer has placed the first section (lower platform) to the external walls of the lift core, with the upper working platform still to be placed.


HWS is the Hydraulic Windshield System which acts as a safety structure for the perimeter of buildings at great heights. This system covers the floor under construction and the floors immediately below, preventing falls from the slabs edge, protection against adverse weather conditions and providing a working platform at the slabs edge.


If you want to find out more about any of these Climbing Systems, please contact:

Darren Isackson

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