Refining Load Distribution

Refining Load Distribution

McCosker Contracting: Water Treatment Tank

Uni-span’s formwork solution consisting of 594 square metres of the ORMA single sided wall formwork system, in conjunction with MK frames, was a clear winner for the 5.4 metre high structure. 2 x Scaffold stair access towers provided the right accessibility for this project.

There were challenges to overcome, with the main concern experienced through the design of this particular formwork. Uni-span Formwork Solutions had to take into account the loads imposed by our formwork system and more importantly the live loads of the concrete during the pour, all whilst governed by a ground slab of 300mm and screw piles. Requirements were for the design to allow a 5.4m full height pour with only 4  x construction joints to this rectangular shaped tank.

Internal Corners posed a problem with the height and concrete slump playing a major part in limiting the pour rate and also determining the distribution of loads. The reason for this is simply due to the supporting MK Frames meeting at a point of circa 3m from the internal corner, thus exposing circa 6m length of form requiring alternative support.

This alternative support came in the way of the Aluprop system. The advantages of this high load capacity prop coupled with a project specific component that Uni-span had fabricated for this sole purpose, allowed us to provide adequate support and load distribution. Aluprop as well as Aluprop Connectors and shoes (fabricated for this project) were utilised on the straight sections of form and frames which also allowed Uni-span to distribute the load through an additional row of screw piles. The introduction of the Aluprops on the outside of the frames was a first for Uni-span and due to their complimentary properties, saved the client from a full redesign of the ground slabs.

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