Our significant difference!

Our significant difference!

We know from experience that our customers are challenged by:

  • Not enough space allocated on-site to assemble the required formwork systems within a certain period.
  • On-site assemblies are usually obstructed by adverse weather conditions, which cause delays.
  • Inefficiencies if any technical queries arise.

Our facilities, including our new Sydney location in Huntingwood NSW, provide the perfect solution to these challenges.

  • An easily accessible area dedicated to formwork system assemblies.
  • All under cover, within the warehouse – so come rain or shine – an ideal situation to assemble all systems within the required time frame.
  • Forklifts provided to assist with the movement of panels/products.
  • Fabricated tables to ensure ergonomic working heights assist in the safety of the assembly team.
  • Immediate access to our experienced technical team.
  • All designed to be cost effective for freighting to site.

150125 Uni-span Workshop_02 150125 Uni-span Workshop_03

At Uni-span we know how important productivity is to our clients. We believe our facility service to be a vital part of what we do to add value to our customer’s projects and ultimately, their bottom lines.

To learn more about Uni-span’s superior assembly facility service, contact:

Darren Isackson

Technical Sales Representative

0409 497 157