Our innovative product portfolio is expanding!

Our innovative product portfolio is expanding!

Uni-span is market leading in product innovation

Concrete vibration becomes a walk in the park, when using the innovative and versatile quick release vibrator bracket Uni-grip™.  Exclusive to Uni-span, the Australian made and engineered bracket was designed to withstand high frequency vibrations and the stringency of any construction environment.

Whilst maintaining a superior grip, the quick and easy action of the Uni-grip™ enables a change of location on most system formwork in seconds, ensuring increased productivity.

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Uni-grip™ bracket
Uni-grip™ quick release bracket

Complementing the Uni-grip™ bracket is the Uni-grip™ vibrator, Uni-grip™ manifold (with accessories) and Uni-grip™ trolley. The combination of deep penetrating amplitude and clean lines of force supplied by this system, ensures superior product density and finish. The versatility of the Uni-grip™ manifold, allows the operator full control of the areas to be vibrated.  The robust aluminium tubing design ensures quick and easy relocation of the system at anytime. Quality instrument gauges and fittings results in a trouble free operation.


The Uni-grip™ system provides cost saving opportunities and at the same time adds value to formwork projects. These products can be reused in conjunction with Uni-span’s formwork systems or traditional formwork systems and is available to purchase or hire, depending on your project requirements. Where standard vibration techniques are not effective, this pneumatically operated system has a further bolstering special application capability.

The reasons to vibrate concrete:

  1. To ensure the consistency of concrete density
  2. To prevent optical layering
  3. To ensure even amalgamation of layers
  4. To remove excessive air from the fresh concrete and to improve surface finish

*It is important to place vibrators on both sides of the formwork if the wall thickness exceeds 400mm



APPROX. AREA OF INFLUENCE1000mm – 1200mm DIA – up to 400mm thickness
OPERATING FREQUENCY200Hz @ 6 bar (87Psi)
VIBRATIONS (VPM)Rpm 6000-12000
PRINCIPALInner weight turbine


  • Working conditions need to be safe and free from obstructions.
  • Formwork should be clean and free from debris, treated with the appropriate release agent and leak proof.
  • Placement of vibrators should be approximately 1.0-1.2 metres apart in both horizontal & vertical positions.
  • Vibrators should be placed approximately 300mm-400mm from the edge of the form.
  • Uni-grip™ should be mounted to a fixing point that will allow good transmission of the vibrators amplitude.
  • Vibrators should be attached directly to the stiffening profiles and never directly to the formwork skin.
  • The area to be poured will determine the QTY of vibrators required, e.g.  3m x 3m wall = 9 units.


The above points have been developed as a guide only and should be used in conjunction with an engineer to be adapted to suit your site conditions.

The Uni-grip™ Reference Check Guide assists with the smooth operation of this system.

The below animation gives an overall view on the Uni-grip™ process.


  • Light
  • Low noise level
  • Easy snap-on bracket for quick relocation
  • Only made up of 4 x parts
  • Even density & superior lamination of concrete

Reference Projects

Uni-span has successfully implemented the use of Uni-grip™ system on the following projects:

1. T2E (Tintenbar to Ewingsdale Pacific Highway upgrade) 

  • Main contractor & client: Lend Lease
  • Operated by Kenny Constructions/South Portal (Cut & Cover)

2. Wynyard Walk Tunnel

  • Main contractor: Thiess Australia
  • Client: Zoomwave Constructions (Formwork sub-contractor)

3. North West Rail Link – Epping Cross Passage

  • Main contractor & client: Thiess John Holland Dragados (TJHD)
  • Operated by EMC (Formwork sub-contractor)
T2E Project, Ballina, NSW
T2E Project, Ballina, NSW

Special introductory offer

For more information on this system, or for any hire/sales enquiries, please contact:

Craig Barkely

1300 882 825