June to July 2013, Issue 11

June to July 2013, Issue 11

Feature Scaffolding Project

Hansen Yuncken:
James Cook University

By applying our access system and safety system design skills to the project’s program and workplace requirements, Uni-span were able to resolve some unique challenges in constructing a perimeter access scaffold to the James Cook University Clinical Practice Building, with roof edge protection.

The key challenges were the project’s:

  • multiple work faces
  • designing and installing a suspended scaffold over the plant rooms
  • creating a cantilever scaffold for the roof structure
  • ensuring that all the scaffolding was based out to suit all the various trades involved in the project 

Multiple scaffolds were supplied and suspended over the plant rooms to provide clear access and commissioning of the plant room. One involved a 17m span, and the other a span of 12m. These were constructed using I-beams supported by scaffold shoring towers.

To carry out the task and ensure that any changes required to the program were carried out efficiently and safely, Uni-span had an average of six men onsite throughout, supported by the Uni-span North Queensland yard, a site supervisor and the Uni-span design team.

This building had a roof overhang of approximately 3.6m, with limited room around the base, hence Uni-span designed a cantilever scaffold for the perimeter of the building to provide access to this roof overhang. This scaffold also incorporated edge protection and the installation of our specialized roof scaffold cladding product.

Uni-span’s range of specialist safety and access products provided solutions which met not only the safety standards required, but also allowed completion in a time-effective manner.

By using Uni-mesh, the patented edge protection and containment system designed and manufactured by Uni-span, the project ensured complete fall protection compliance with Queensland WHS standards and an aesthetically pleasing site image when viewed by passing members of the public. Uni-mesh also has the advantage of being quick and simple to install.

The project also used Uni-span’s PA stairs/Lap plates, an innovative time-saving product for safe access to scaffolding and working at heights.

Feature Formwork Project
GUSBUS Underpass #2

Many factors had to be considered when Uni-span was engaged to supply the craneable and movable Aluminium falsework shoring solution for Abigroup’s GUSBUS Underpass #2, not least the continuation of their proud safety and incident free record for this project, now 12 months into its duration.

In order to minimise all risk, the 6.00m high falsework was constructed into two separate work areas:

  1. A 1.00m high falsework table was provided to fabricate the table tops at an ergonomic working height which allowed the 22m2 tops to be lifted directly into position onto the Aluminium prop towers.
  2. The Aluprop high capacity props were built as towers and craned into position. All 39 x 4 legged towers were assembled by 5 men on a half day Saturday shift.

All need to work above the deck was eliminated due to the creation of these 2 separate work areas. As the towers were finally assembled, lifting gear was disconnected from below with the use of scissor lifts.

This process also enabled the second pour of the wall shutters to continue as there was no work area directly beneath. The final process was to connect a quick release wheel to the Aluprop legs which allowed safe transportation into position, ready for the reinforcement to commence.

Uni-span offered a real solution that meets the criteria of safety and speed, which are essentials on this project. Production forecasts of labour have been reduced and the finish achieved on both walls and the struck falsework has exceeded the clients specification.

Both projects (Underpass #1 and #2) are continuing examples of how Uni-span is becoming the supplier of choice, delivering continued solutions and a positive experience. Contact the team to enquire about what solution we can provide for your next project.

“I am delighted with the Aluprop tower system and the speed it was built in, together with the achieved finish. The great back up Sales and Technical service will ensure I look to re-use Uni-span on my next project.”

Con McCarthy
Project Engineer – Abigroup
GUSBUS Underpass #2

Ownership in equipment proves
best project management &
production times for Monadelphous

We have great pleasure welcoming Monadelphous Engineering Construction on board within the Uni-span Group as new owners of the ORMA 80kPa Wall Panel system. The decision was recently taken to invest in the best system, offering them the best solution for their project.

The 6 month internal evaluation began as Monadelphous Engineering Construction had been investigating better ways to manage their projects, ensuring they are completed on budget and on time. Monadelphous have concluded that ownership in equipment, that they would otherwise regularly hire on successive projects, will enable much better managing and production on site.

Monadelphous settled on a Starter pack of over 400m2 of New ORMA Wall Panels and accessories. This enabled them to form a variety of wall lengths and heights, typical to many previous projects undertaken by them. Having a full inventory of what they own and peace of mind that back up and any additional components are only a truck away, has allowed Monadelphous at their current project for Unity Water, to reduce their overall pour sequence by 20%.

Monadelphous are self-performing and although being first time users to the system, after training by Uni-span representatives, are achieving in excess of 10m2 per man-hour production rates.

This division will typically work on remote infrastructure locations and had to evaluate their investigations into the best system on a number of criteria:

  • robustness of equipment 
  • class of achieved finish
  • inherent safety features 
  • ease and speed of use

Uni-span’s ORMA system was awarded this order as it scored successively high on all these criteria. The equipment is currently being used on Unity Waters Maleny WWTW extension. Evaluation was also carried out on additional products with a view to further investment. We welcome Monadelphous on board and look forward to a long and prolific relationship.

Monadelphous are currently ahead of budget despite the regular rainfall guaranteed high within the Glasshouse mountains.

“I have been very impressed with the system. The finish achieved is class leading, as is the back-up and support being only ever a phone call away.”

Steve Tessman
Site Manager – Monadelphous
Unity Waters, Maleny Waste Water Treatment Plant

Uni-span gives back…

Uni-span continues with our “gold-coin donations” & raffles in order to help those in need.

This month Uni-span raised funds for the Michael Boggan charity, in support of Michael’s ongoing medical costs associated with his recovery from the horrific bombing incident.

Over the course of June, gold coins were raised in support of the Animal Welfare League QLD.

These funds were handed to the Beenleigh Centre and we were informed that this money will be used to purchase the animals Kong stimulation toys.