Industrial Scaffold Spectacular: North QLD Line Crossings

Industrial Scaffold Spectacular: North QLD Line Crossings

Balfour Beatty UGL: North QLD – Line Crossings

To ensure the continued reliability of electricity supply to Far North Queensland, the existing 50-year-old 132kV transmission line between the substations required replacement. This replacement line will cater for future growth in electricity demand. After all the necessary environmental and planning approvals were received, construction of the replacement transmission line commenced over a two stage approach, to allow one line to be kept in service at all times to maintain a reliable supply of high voltage electricity to the surrounding grids.

Uni-span secured the contract in supplying the solution to protect highway traffic from potentially falling strung power lines. The solution provided was cost-effective and created the safety measures expected for a project of this nature.

The project commenced early June and is due for completion early September 2013.

272 tonnes of scaffold was supplied for this project. 40m long x 12m wide birdcage scaffolds, supported by Uni-beams were situated either side of the highway, ensuring that all vehicles travelling on this route were well protected, should any of the power lines have accidentally fallen during the transfer process.
There were a few project challenges to overcome, that the Uni-span team worked through with our client BBUGL (Balfour Beatty UGL), namely:

  • Liaison with Main Roads
  • Consistently update and liaise with BBUGL and the Traffic Coordination team

All the while working safely and efficiently around the highway and power line upgrades.

The result was a protection system that ensured safety for motorists using this highway and a spectacular looking scaffold formation. Proof that the adoption of the following four words, sums up the Uni-span experience, allowing for simple decision making when next selecting us as your preferred scaffolding supplier.

Safety. Solution. Service. Simple.