Extension solutions for Berth 103 in Port Kembla

Extension solutions for Berth 103 in Port Kembla

Uni-span are due to commence the supply of our ORMA and MK formwork systems to assist Waterway Constructions in extending Port Kembla’s Berth no. 103, to 108 meters which includes a clutched bulkhead wall with parallel anchor wall and ties.

The project requires two concrete capping beams to be formed and poured. One on the bulkhead wall (approx. 110m long) and a second along a section of the retaining pile structure (approx. 80m long).

Waterway Constructions will pour both beams with a hit and miss application:

  • Water side – 12m long x 2 sets
  • Water side soffit support – 15m long x 4 sets
  • Inland side – 12m long x 2 sets

When designing the solution to suit our clients project needs, the following important points were taken into account:

  • The concrete kerb varies along the length of the beam and there is a section that doesn’t have a kerb.
  • All concrete kerbs are to be poured during the pour of the capping beam.
  • There are to be no ties through the pour.
  • The front face of the capping beam is to be a class II finish.
  • All other concrete finishes are to be a class III finish.

Keep up to date with this project’s progress in our next Newsletter.

For more information on Uni-span’s formwork solutions contact Technical Sales Representative:

Vaughan Bibby

0423 408 669