Easy in, easy out

Easy in, easy out

In an attempt to organise and prioritise the flow of equipment in & out of our yards, Uni-span has implemented controls and procedures in the form of an Off Hire Pack.

With focus on our customer’s needs and understanding their fundamental priorities of safety and productivity, Uni-span is working in unison with our clients to achieve the safe loading, offloading and storage of formwork and scaffolding equipment.

The Off Hire Pack has been designed to assist in safe practices for loading and offloading at our client and at Uni-span. By using the Off Hire Pack, our clients are also experiencing a reduction in damage bills.

The Off Hire Pack will be sent to all of our customers and transporters. We ask that you read through the pack and acknowledge this information by returning the Return Material & Transport Form, enclosed in this document.

Download the Off Hire pack – QLD or the Off Hire pack – NSW here.

off hire pack cover

If you have any questions related to these procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact David Holley, Uni-span’s National Inventory Controller:


0408 409 922