Meet the tunnel professionals

Meet the tunnel professionals

Uni-span recently exhibited at the 15th Australasian Tunnelling Conference, held at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney. The post conference feedback received from the Uni-span exhibition team was outstanding!

This was an extremely well organised event which brought many interested parties to our booth.

With the expertise and experience of Uni-span’s Southern Australian Manager Craig Barkley, the visitors to our booth were engrossed by the extraordinary solutions our Ulma Formwork equipment and systems have to offer.

Uni-span’s past and present tunnel specific projects were on display, showing every visitor to the stand that Uni-span is a leader in its field and a specialist when it comes to formwork supply for tunnel construction.

In Session 2A on Day 1 of the conference, Tim Brown, Director of Bamser mentioned Uni-span’s Formwork solutions in an overview of “How the Global Experience and Reach of Tunnelling’s True Multi-Nationals Helped Solve a Difficult Road Tunnel Fit Out Challenge”. What a remarkable presentation.

Airport Link

A fine project example, was our involvement in the Airport Link Tunnel project, whereby Uni-span supplied SMK, a single-sided truss system where trusses assembled of MK Walers up to a height of 10.5 m hold the formwork.

This project required two types of single sided shutter solutions. The first was supplied at the Smoke Damper to form niches and 7.5m high inclined straight walls. 30m pouring lengths divided this structure. The second solution was in the form of a 6m high-curved wall that included a corbel form at the top of the shutter. This was located on both the Eastbound and Westbound sections. The same solution was also used to construct the transition walls on the Northbound and Southbound sections, with pouring segments between 10 and 16 metres in length.

The pictures best illustrate this project and Uni-span’s solution driven capabilities.

Legacy Way

Another fine tunnel project example, would be our formwork supply to Transcity Joint Venture’s Legacy Way project.

Uni-span was engaged at the beginning of this project in the planning, procurement and construction of the ventilation smoke duct corbels in the Legacy Way twin 4.6km road tunnels.  A first for an Australian road tunnel, the pre-stressed precast concrete slabs are simply supported by cast in situ corbels.  Erecting the precast slabs post corbel construction poses considerable challenges in terms of logistics, geometry (space) and safety. This meant the corbels had minimal tolerance to ensure the critical airtight seal was achieved.

Uni-span took on the challenge by designing and offering the MK System motorised traveller with custom made retractable steel forms. The MK system was appointed to form the corbels in two 50m hit and miss travellers, each traveller had 20 hours to be lowered, driven 100m, raised and the next section poured. Due to the speed of this system, Uni-span also supplied two additional advancing travellers per tunnel to ensure that both the safe drilling of the starter bars and also the placement of the 8m long reinforcement cages would not hold up the progress of the Smoke Duct Corbel traveller. The MK System therefore created a seamless motorised production line to ensure the programmed 50m pour per 20-hour shift from start to finish was achieved. The whole solution revolved around a 700mm height difference halfway along the tunnel. The versatility of the MK System ensured that this was a smooth transition, demonstrating its market leading edge over all other formwork systems.

If you require a formwork and/or scaffolding solution for your tunnel project, be sure to get in touch with our expert team.