What Qualifications Do You Need for Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is temporary support platforms designed to assist construction workers and materials in building and repairing structures. Unfortunately, the construction industry one of the most dangerous industries in Australia with the third highest rate of accidents and fatalities. Considering that … [Read more...]

What Is Self Climbing Formwork?

The question has come up in recent years:   What is self-climbing formwork?   It sounds like a futuristic method to use in construction but nonetheless, it has been a method used in recent years that has proven to be of great use for many industries and sectors. So, what is it … [Read more...]

Working Over Water Safety Guidelines

There will be times throughout various construction and maintenance projects where working over water will be required. A number of different industries such as remote workstations, work in and around ports and the mining sector will utilise contractors to work near water.   But, how can … [Read more...]