7 Simple Scaffolding Safety Tips

Construction projects can be very expensive, however there’s no doubt that safety of workers is priceless. In one of the most accident prone industries, it’s imperative that construction workers follow the appropriate safety protocols to ensure that everyone working on the project goes home safely. … [Read more...]

ICN Gateway

What is ICN? ICN assists in bringing project owners and Australian suppliers together by giving exclusive access to our powerful online database and ICN's extensive network of Business Growth consultants. This network helps achieve more work for Australian businesses. How does ICN work?Uni-pan … [Read more...]

This Is Why Formwork Is Important in Construction

There’s no doubt that construction has formed the basis of modern civilization. Whether it be buildings, houses, roads, tunnels or bridges, construction has enabled humans to evolve by providing the means necessary to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Since its inception, modern technology … [Read more...]

Australasian Tunnelling Conference 2017

Uni-span is proud to be an exhibitor at the 16th Australasian Tunnelling Conference in 2017. The theme of the conference is Challenging Underground Space: Bigger, Better, More and is taking place at Star City Sydney from 30 October - 1 November 2017. It is a great opportunity for … [Read more...]

A Guide To Various Types of Scaffolding

When working in the field of construction, scaffolding can be used for a number of various reasons and for various projects. Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to help support the structure being worked on, or to help construction workers carry out their job. From large scale high-rise … [Read more...]

What is a Civil Engineer and What Do They Do?

Since the evolution of technology, engineering has become a very popular profession, and today there are over 422,000 people employed as engineers in Australia1. According to the United States Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) systems, there are 17 engineering specialities that are … [Read more...]

Closed for Stock Take

Please take note of Uni-span Yatala, QLD depot’s stock take day and be aware of the following important dates/times regarding last delivery/return due to the stock take day:LAST DELIVERY/RETURNS BY 2PM ON MONDAY, 29TH MAY 2017STOCK TAKE DAY: 28 COMPUTER ROAD, YATALA - WEDNESDAY, 31ST MAY … [Read more...]

Uni-span’s upcoming important dates

UNI-SPAN NSW STOCK TAKE Please take note of Uni-span Huntingwood, NSW depot’s stock take days and be aware of the following important dates regarding last delivery/return due to the stock take days:LAST DELIVERY/RETURNS BY 3PM ON         MONDAY, 24TH APRIL 2017(AS TUESDAY 25TH APRIL … [Read more...]